BREAKING NEWS: C building evacuated due to foul smell

Classes assigned to empty classrooms, all students safe


Shareen Basyari

A clogged drain during Ms. Mary Breslin’s 6th period A.P. Biology class, causing the downstairs C building to evacuate after a foul smell spread throughout the floor.

Clark County School District Facilities Department responded and is currently in the process of unclogging the drain. Classes that were to be held during 6th and 8th period had to be moved to other rooms.

An e-mail was sent out to parents via Parent Link from Principal Donna Levy regarding the situation:

In an effort to keep you in the know, the science lab in our C building had a clogged drain. This clog caused an unpleasant smell that permeated the bottom floor of the building. We evacuated those classrooms affected. CCSD Facilities Department responded and are currently in the process of unclogging the drain now.

All students are safe and our amazing faculty quickly adapted lessons so there would be little to no interruption to instruction.

Updates will be made as new developments arise.