BREAKING NEWS: Professional Academy Wins PA vs. DA Flag Football Game

New playing format for sole sporting event of the year


Charli Gisi and Grinesa Bajrami

After restructuring how the annual Homecoming Flag Football Game would be played, the Professional Academy defeated the Design Academy with a score of 31 to 19.

“I’m really glad that our team managed to win since this is my last year,” senior Jason Nguyen said. “My team did a really good job and I hope that our win streak continues. It made me happy that no one got hurt and we all got to play the same amount of time.”

For the first time, the game combined the boys and girls of each academy into the same teams. Throughout the game, the boys and girls switched after both sides had a chance at a point.

“I thought PA vs. DA overall was fun considering I was part of the Homecoming Court and Kpop club,” junior Allyana Gorospe said. “I literally slipped while doing the court games cause of the grass but my team tried our best.”

During halftime, the freshman Homecoming Court nominees won the relay race. Polynesian and K-Pop Club performed at the end of the break. Underneath the gazebo, snacks and drinks were being sold to raise money for clubs.

“This year we have the most members and that’s what made it such a special experience,” senior Anna Liang said. “We worked hard and finally had a chance to perform together. Even though I made mistakes, I still feel proud of myself and everyone who performed.”

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