Vehicles without parking sticker at risk of being towed Student drivers without a parking sticker will face numerous consequences

Student drivers without a registered parking ticket received a parking violation sticker today. Registration forms for a parking sticker can be retrieved in the dean's office and must be submitted as soon as possible. Photo Credit: Tyler Antonio

The following article was revised to reflect corrected information from the dean’s office, regarding school related penalties.

Students who did not register for a parking sticker by Sept. 25 are now at risk for getting their vehicle towed from the student parking lot.

“You can have your car towed eventually, you can be denied privileges and you can get in trouble for disregarding school rules. This could lead to an RPC, and when it goes to that level, you can lose your program medallion,” Dean James Campbell said. “Through progressive discipline, we have the warning, conference and then the first level of disregarding school rules. We need three strikes before we should have to use any discipline.”

Vehicles without a parking sticker received a warning for the termination of their parking privileges and the towing of their vehicle on Oct. 2 at 8 a.m. The cost of towing a car is at the administration’s discretion.

“The stickers are placed in the lower left hand corner of your front left window so we can identify who it is. It helps us identify the vehicle instead of manually finding it via license plate,” Campbell said. “It’s a timely process and the school police have better things to do. We want to provide corrections and an intervention on incorrect parking, driving too fast in the parking lot, etc.”

The registration cards can be retrieved from the dean’s office and must be completed as soon as possible. In order to receive the parking sticker, students must present their student and vehicle information, insurance card and vehicle registration card.

“I feel like the new policy is an assertive way to get students to register their cars,” senior Kris Medina said. “It’s a fair warning to make sure students take the time to to visit the Dean’s Office and register their cars.”

In addition, no cars were towed and three students lost their parking privileges during the 2014-15 school year.

“Parking stickers are so important because it indicates that we have the right to park in the student parking lot. It’s also safer because then we can tell who should and shouldn’t be allowed to park there,” senior Kayla Dalope said.