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Open to all students who pay to watch or play
Joy Ryan
During both lunches, BSU historian Rediate Hunde sells tickets to students to watch the upcoming volleyball tournament. The tournament will take place after school in the gym where students can watch the competition and cheer on their friends. “I might be a referee or I might just be a spectator, but for the most part I’m going to be watching and helping around,” Hunde said. “I’m excited to see school spirit and involvement, people actually having fun, people having something to look forward to after school and bringing that sport element to our school.”

At the upcoming BSU volleyball tournament, students can play on teams with their friends and compete with other peers.

“My friends asked me to join because they know I play volleyball recreationally,” senior Jaydee Punzalan said. “We’re not competitive at all and we’re just there to play for fun.” 

The tournament consists of two days of matches, with student versus student rounds on the first day and student versus teacher rounds on the second.

“I am wanting to both have fun and win at the same time,” sophomore Eric Fang said. “Currently, most of my team members play for a school or also have a passion for volleyball like me so we’re confident enough to get the win. I also like to have fun since volleyball wouldn’t be a sport without everybody having fun in the end.” 

The decision to host a volleyball match was made by the BSU board members; they hope to make it an annual event.

“We just wanted people to interact, get to know each other and get together to have fun after school,” Secretary Christina Altaye said. “It’s fun and to get our club more out there is a good thing to do and it’s after school and we don’t have a lot of after school activities.”  

Students are anticipating a heated match against their peers.

“If I don’t pass a ball right to my teammate it can bring me down a little bit,” sophomore Liana Durante said. “And other people we play against could hit hard and score easy points on us.” 

For these participating in the competing, setting goals for themselves to achieve while playing during the match is a strategy.

“Some goals I want to achieve while playing during the tournament is to mess up less during the rally’s of the game,” sophomore Eric Fang said. “Volleyball is a game of mistakes, and it’s super hard to prevent that from happening especially if the opponents have a lot of experience, we would have to come up with game plans and strategies that make us have the advantage.”

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