BSU plants seeds for the beginning of summer Environmentally friendly club meeting

Painting her pot, junior Alyssa Victorio repaints the sections that peeled off. Students ate snacks while waiting for their pots to dry so they could start planting. Photo Credit: Alyx Beeten

As a fun and environmental way to bring the community together, Black Student Union (BSU) held an event for students and teachers to paint pots and plant seeds.

“I had so much fun with my club members,” Senior Chance Cain said. “[painting the pots] was a small but fun because everyone knows everyone. Since I’m a huge plant Nerd, I found picking out the kind of seeds fun too.”

The cost of entry was $3 per person, but snacks were given out for free. Attendees had to bring their own containers to put their plants in, such as mason jars, mugs or pots.

“The idea behind the entire thing was for everyone to have a good time with their friends, paint and listen to music,” junior Ruth Daniels said. “The hope for the board and our members was for everyone to have fun, which I did.”

BSU provided art supplies, soil and a variety of flowers and plants, such as snapdragons, lavender and chamomile. Attendees were allowed to use these supplies to plant seeds and decorate their pots.

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“I am a little disappointed that not a lot of people attended, but next year we hope to do it again and have the word out earlier to give people the chance to process,” Daniels said. “But it was still a lot of fun and though small, I think we all had a good time.”

Students were allowed to take their pots and plants home afterward. The money made from this event will be used to pay off the plants and art supplies that were purchased.

“I thought that planting plants and painting pots was a super cute idea,” freshman Gabby Jones said. “It was an inexpensive activity and I had a really good time just getting to paint with my friends. I even painted my phone case since I was there.”

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