Cafeteria accepting applications

If you’d like to start earning work experience, and enjoy free food, the cafeteria is now hiring student workers.

“Working in the cafeteria is beneficial for many reasons. Students can earn about a salary of $41.00 a week. In addition, you get the experience of a job, since working in the cafeteria is similar to working in a fast food restaurant,” says sophomore Feaven Tewolde.

The only requirement to apply as a cafeteria worker is a work permit, which can be obtained from the DMV. Students earn $8.00 per hour for working each day, along with free lunch.

“I think it’s a good thing for students to work at a young age, since it teaches them work ethic skills that they can apply later on in their future career,” comments Freshman Studies teacher, Ms. Laura Penrod.

If you’re interested in becoming a cafeteria worker, or have any questions, you can speak to Ms. Cindy Anderson, and pick up an application in the cafeteria before school or during lunch.