Typing up some last few adjustments to their code, seniors in Web Design III are preparing for a visit from Clark County School District (CCSD) officials. The visit date has not yet been decided, but is expected to occur by the end of April.

“The students need feedback from someone other than me, because I have seen the projects from the beginning and a fresh set of eyes will give them new viewpoints and ideas,” Web Design and Development teacher Denise Snow said.

In previous years, students created websites based off of made up companies. This time, they have the option to make either a client-based or personal website for their capstones. This new approach to the annual project provides client-designer experience for students involved.

“Our client is Nourish Creamery and Juice Bar, and to prepare for the visit we worked on other things [for them], like social media plans,” senior Cathy Zhu said. “It’s always a little complicated and [our client] is very busy, so its hard to communicate but I think we learned a lot and did well.”

Web Design, Computer Science and Graphic Design teachers throughout CCSD will be reviewing the projects and providing feedback to help the seniors improve their websites. To prepare, students will print promotional items such as business cards, resumes and posters.

“I think [having other teachers look at our work] is always a learning experience and I hope the officials understand the work we put into our ideas,” Zhu said. “I also hope it helps our client get more business overall.”

Students will present their final capstone projects on Tuesday, April 22 from 1-4 p.m. Capstones will be available for underclassmen and teachers to view during the school day on Wednesday, April 23.

“Working on the capstone is a lot of work and my group and I have gone through so many complications,” senior Laurence Eslava said. “It’s a lot of pressure to get everything done in the next couple weeks before it’s due.”

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