Changes occur in Automotive Technology Program

For the 2010-2011 school year, the Automotive Program at Southwest Career and Technical Academy is swiftly evolving with new projects and ideas.

“Within the next few weeks, there will be many new changes in the auto shop that will widen the auto program’s studies,” claims Tyler Jackson, junior.

The students will be receiving new coveralls, opening the second classroom and shop for new vehicles and new toolboxes will be bought for the students who are beginning the process to becoming diesel mechanics.

These additions will enhance the program by providing new materials and curriculum to the students.

“One change that we have is students will be taking a test called the ‘SP2.” This is a safety test that will produce a certificate for the students who pass,” says Mr. Daniel Sylvester, Automotive Technology program leader.

The “SP2” certificate assists in educating the student about current safety and environmental regulations that are important for automotive technicians.

“Automotive Technology students are exposed to a plethora of different hazards when working in the lab such as exposure to toxic and hazardous substances, heavy equipment and tools, as well as electrical hazards. Safety education is mandatory for anyone working in potentially dangerous conditions,” states Mrs. Gia Moore, Community Partnership Coordinator.

Students can also join automotive oriented extracurricular groups. Sylvester will allow them to work on their personal vehicles during Auto Club after school. They are also provided the opportunity to join Skills USA and compete with other automotive students.

“Soon enough, more changes will occur in the shop. Until then, we are satisfied with what we have,” Jackson declares.