Classes reinstated; teachers added

At the conclusion of the 2010-2011 school year, 639 teaching jobs had been cut and several courses and programs were eliminated in the Clark County School District.

However, a total of $250 million was restored to the district budget, which allowed SWCTA to reinstate Art I, Drawing I, Painting I, and Freshman Studies.

“I’m really glad art is back because some of the skills that I will learn will help me out in the field I want to go into,” says Alexis Morales, junior.

At first, SWCTA was not supposed to receive any more teachers. However, these teachers were added after portions of the budget were restored. New teachers for the 2011-2012 school year include: Ms. Elaina Nelson (Design, U.S. History), Mr. Grant Woods (Design, Government), Mr. John Perri (Design, Math), Ms. Sheri Foster (Design, Art), Ms. Linda Burns (Professional, Culinary), Ms. Maureen Clark (Design, Computer Graphics), Ms. Elena Luaces (Professional, Spanish), Mr. Brian Kirpes (Professional, Biology), Mr. Justin Orapello (Design, English), Ms. Sigrid Compton (Professional, Computer-Based Projects), and Mr. Danny McElroy (Design, Engineering and Automotive).

Mrs. Laura Penrod completed her duties in Special Education and will be assuming the role of Freshman Studies instructor. Ms. Tatyana Bor will now be one of the Special Education liaisons.

“I love being in the classroom. I missed it a lot. I didn’t hate being in an office, and did work with students individually and in small groups, but I missed the dynamic of a classroom. I love the energy and excitement the day to day life of a classroom brings,” says Penrod.

If classes such as art and freshman studies had been eliminated, the administration would have been forced to implement a “study skills” course for the incoming freshmen.

Mrs. Maureen Clark feels the return of classes benefits both the teachers and students.

“I think it’s great the kids have opportunities. For me, SWCTA is very cool and I’m fortunate to have great kids in a friendly environment,” says Clark.

The reinstated classes will remain for the 2011-2012 school year.