Coffee machine added to the student store Product will be sold during both lunches


Available for student and faculty use, a new is a multi-function coffee machine was added to the cafeteria.

“We wanted something that was nice and convenient for our faculty and staff, assistant principal Donna Besser said,  “Also, we thought it would be a good seller for the students. ”

The administration decided to rent the coffee machine as a way to expand the offerings, as well as a way to fundraise. 

“We are selling Starbucks products, so I think that people will want to have that,” Besser said. All the money that we make in the student store, whether it’s snacks, chips, coffee, breakfast, all goes back to the students and goes into student-generated funds and it all comes back to things that you guys receive throughout the year so it’s important for us to make as much as we can.”

There will be a variety of Starbucks coffee flavors that will be featured including hazelnut and vanilla. Depending on what drink is ordered, the price will vary between two to three dollars, at the student store.

“By providing students with coffee I feel like it will give the students the power to excel in their academics,” sophomore Delaney Rankin said, “Also since it is a Starbucks product I feel like it will be more popular compared to regular coffee.”

Once the faculty is trained how to use the machine correctly, an announcement will be made on the Rout(e) 131 morning show.

“I am very excited for the new coffee machine because I am a coffee fanatic and I love hazelnut flavoring,” sophomore Mihaela Nedelcheva said. “Without coffee, I can’t wake up and I definitely can’t focus on my studies. I drink coffee every day during my first class, so having the coffee machine will make life a lot easier for me and a majority of the school.”

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