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Computer science II students learn the basics of Java

Learning this programming language will help students succeed in all aspects of computer programming
Sophomores in Computer Science II begin learning the basics of Java, one of the most widely used programming languages in the industry. Students used Java in AP Computer Science but have been increasing their knowledge of it this year. “I am questioning pursuing programming as a career, but it sure is going to be good for the other things I am trying to do,” sophomore Liban Tuni said. Photo Credit: Liban Tuni

Learning the second highest used programming language in the industry, students in Lori Griswold’s Computer Science II class are building upon knowledge from AP Computer Science class.

Java is used by about 300 million different applications that are out there,” Griswold said. “If you are going to be programming for commercial use, like apps, Java is wonderful for that. Once you learn Java you can really program in any environment, any field.”

For their assignment, students are using a program called “CodeHS” to teach commands to a dog.



“This is especially important as an online student because we are not going to have enough time to learn all of this in class,” sophomore Liban Tuni said. “With simple things like this it is optimal to a learning environment that doesn’t allow face-to-face learning.”

Even though many students are not planning on going into the computer programming field, they find the information they are learning now useful for different purposes and goals.

“Java is used for making games at the back-end and I intended to make games using its practical ability,” Tuni said. “It may also be used to analyze stock market patterns and I am using it now to see patterns that I could profit from.”

For those that are planning to go into programming, especially those in the Web Design program, learning Java will assist in future assignments.

“I am very excited to learn Java in this class,” Tuni said. “I have been trying to learn this course on my own for a while and this gives me the chance to learn it with someone who is experienced and has been in the field for years. I am excited to learn about how to program and want to learn as many languages as possible, this is one way to do so.”

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