Coyote Cafe, bakery returns Open Tuesday through Thursday for both breakfast, lunch


McKenna Thayer

In the last four years, several variations of the Coyote Cafe have experienced varying degrees of success. For the fifth year, the Coyote Cafe is focusing on different regional cuisines and expanding the breakfast offerings.

“The most challenging part about running the cafe is actually getting people to come up and buy from us,” junior Felicia Ang said. “In the morning, a lot of people are tired and have eaten breakfast already so it’s hard to market to them.”

With the help of the chefs, the students have created a more concrete plan for rotating items on and off the menu. Items will also be removed from the menu based on student reaction.

“As students, we wanted the goal of the cafe to be to offer more options for breakfast and lunch,” junior Bronwhyn Hansen said. “I hope the Coyote Cafe turns into a popular place where students like to purchase their lunch and it helps us generate more money for the Culinary program.”

Students prepare the menu items for the day during class or before school. The first region being focused on is New England with the Caribbean and Asia to be explored.

“We have two different chefs who are dedicated in teaching their students about different cuisines,” Ang said. “This class will help students prepare to work in the industry if they choose to do so after graduation.”

The Culinary program has struggled in the past with raising funds to purchase additional supplies to increase the amount of time in the kitchen. Although students pay course fees, it is not enough to cover every lesson of the year that the chefs would like to teach.

“This year our Culinary III classes were combined into one class which limited the amount of time we have to cook and we also lost our Capstone program which is now a Jumpstart program,” Chef Michael Hadobas said. “The Coyote Cafe helps us generate money straight back into the program so that we can keep our students in the kitchen, learning and actively engaged.”