DECA promotes World Wildlife Fund

DECA, an international association of marketing students, is currently conducting a project with the World Wildlife Fund. It is a school-wide project, and they are asking Southwest Career and Technical Academy students to participate and help by making donations.

“I think it is great that this project isn’t just for the DECA chapter, but we can get everyone at the school an opportunity to be involved,” commented DECA Advisor Perry Annett.

This project involves the World Wildlife fund, which is an organization promoting wildlife conservation and helping endangered species. Students at SWCTA can help by adopting these endangered animals from them.

“It is a public relations project to help species from becoming extinct. Students can help adopt animals by donating money. Their contributions are a big help no matter how much it is,” explained sophomore Brittany Chopp.

Adopting the animals in this case means donating the money SWCTA raises to a certain species, and WWF will use the money to help prevent it from being extinct.

“I love the project idea. This project is a great demonstration of how human beings have effects on nature,” said sophomore Cassandra Taylor.

Participating in this project will result in rewards. WWF will send a huge stuffed toy of the animal(s) we have helped as a thank you gift.

“I really hope students are interested in helping. The stuffed animals are so cute, and we can display them somewhere on the campus. Animals are our friends and they need our help,” stated Victoria Cana, junior.