Dental students create educational materials for children Presentations are tailored for younger audience

Working on the Google Slides for her presentation, sophomore Lizeth Ontiveros, adds in more information to appeal to children. Dental students worked in teams to create and present their projects. “For my dental project, we plan on doing a game that resembles the traditional ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ game,” Ontiveros said. “We will be using this game to teach kids the importance of cleaning your teeth because we are going to ask them to locate the cavities and show what can happen to your teeth if not given the proper care.” Photo Credit: Zoie Puaala

Not every child is excited about brushing their teeth. To help parents combat the problems they may encounter with children just learning to brush their teeth, the Dental Assistant sophomores are creating presentations to demonstrate oral hygiene. 

“I genuinely enjoy this project because it is giving us experience on how to talk with patients and my group and I decided to do a fun, eye-catching presentation since it is focused towards the youth,” sophomore Ruth Shiferaw said.

This project was inspired by Dental Health Month. Students needed to create a PowerPoint, as well as include an interactive component, such as a crossword or origami teeth, to engage their audience. 

“I really like this project since it’s like we are teaching little kids on how to brush and emphasizes how important it is to keep our mouth clean,” sophomore Frida Bermejo said. 

Students will be presenting their projects in class on March 13 and will be graded on how well they are able to teach their classmates on brushing their teeth.

“I will be making coloring books that also have some crossword puzzles and word-searches for the kids,” sophomore Mirai Furukawa said. “The worksheets will be able to get the students familiar with the dental terms they need to know and help them understand some of the concepts we want them to learn.”

While they will be presenting in the classroom now, they will have the opportunity to visit and present their project at an elementary school next year. 

“This project is giving a chance for Dental students to prepare for when they get into the community and help out and they can do presentations with CERT next year because they have a project ready to go,” Dental Teacher Kirsten Winfield said. “Thinking about it, students are able to relate to younger kids better than adults and interacting in the community looks good when applying towards colleges.”

When did you learn how to brush your teeth?