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Drama Club Returns to School

Club members plan acting projects and activities
Zelina Panissidi
Preparing for club members to file in, board members Aerhann Casupang and Zoey Ching wait to present a slide regarding the upcoming Haunted House activity. They are going over costumes and roles for the event. “Right now, we are planning to do a haunted house for Trunk or Treat,” Club President Zoey Ching said. “We’ve been having extra meetings to sort out the details so we can finalize our plan.”

As a way to expand the acting community, the Drama Club returns to school and makes plans to put on a school play and host a haunted house at Trunk or Treat.

“As our big goal, we hope to put on a school play. But, it may be hard because a lot of our board members are seniors, [we have a] lack of funding, and we are still a smaller club,” Club Secretary Angelina Bosuwan said. “We have to build up to get there, but we hope to put on a play if possible.”

The club began after the five board members worked to create a bigger community of actors.

“Me and my friends tried to go to drama clubs at other schools, but we had different zoned schools, so we thought, ‘Why not bring it to Southwest?’” Bosuwan said. “I realized that even though we are a Career and Technical Academy we are lacking in a lot of departments that normal schools have like a drama club, sports, or even a choir.” 

The club took inspiration from other schools after seeing how successful their club plays have been.

“At [Sierra] Vista there was some sort of play going on,” Club Treasurer Aerhann Casupang said. “It made me think, ‘I want to get back into drama,’ so I talked with Zoey and we planned out our club and had our first club meeting.”

Aside from the main activities that the club has planned, they hope to have the members participate in acting prompts during meetings. 

“I want to do little prompts for everyone, even if they don’t act,” Club President Zoey Ching said. “I want stage managers, costume designers, and tech managers to participate too. They can make scripts and include all of the people and what parts they will do and we can all collaborate together.”

The members hope that people do not shy away from joining their club due to the “theater kid” stereotype.

“I hope this club helps people try to be themselves more. I know with our generation, we’re kind of judgmental, and a lot of people are afraid to express themselves because they are worried about being judged,” Bosuwan said. “We are hoping this club helps bring out people’s confidence and speaking skills. Hopefully they will just have a fun time and embrace who they are.” 

Most of all, the club strives to make their club a safe environment for everyone who chooses to join. 

“I really hope that it’s not just theater kids in one room, but that there is also cooperation and a place for theater kids to thrive in and be creative,” Ching said. “Not a place for people to be bullied, but a safe space for everyone, where no ideas are suppressed.”

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