‘Dude. Be Nice’ founder delivers message of kindness 23 classes attended event

Silence engulfs the audience as Brent Camalich passionately speaks to the crowd. Camalich spoke at the presentation on spreading kindness. “I have visited high schools, middle schools and even elementary schools to spread positivity and make a difference in other people’s lives,” Camalich said. “To see young people wanting to make a social change and make an impact to others lives is just exciting to see.” Photo Credit: Justine Ho

During seventh period, ‘Dude. Be Nice’ founder Brent Camalich’s speech encouraged students to make positive impacts in others lives.

“I started ‘Dude. Be Nice’ four years ago to make a positive contribution to people’s lives,” Camalich said. “I don’t want to pat [the campaign] too much on the back, but it is definitely cool to inspire people to be nice and feeling cool about positively impacting lives.”

Camalich explained why he started his campaign based off of past high school mistakes. The overall message he sent for students was to spread kindness on and off campus.

“I think that our high school years can be stressful so the pressure can get pretty intense sometimes,” sophomore StuCo member Bianca Horst said. “Having a guest speaker makes me realize that change and growth is part of life, so their inspirational words really help me get through the stressful times.”

Only 700 students were eligible to attend the special assembly. Teachers were allowed to sign their classes up on a first come, first serve basis.

“I decided to sign up to attend because it seems like the students enjoy hearing from motivational speakers,” PE instructor Anne Kalenowicz said. “This a good way for students to see a positive role model and hopefully emulate his message.”

A second presentation was held after school starting at 3 p.m. for student council members throughout Southern Nevada. A third presentation will happen tomorrow for National Honor Society.

“The speech will not only be a great opportunity to hear what Camalich’s message is all about but also to learn about making a difference in the world, students should definitely try to attend,” junior StuCo member Cecilia Gonzalez said.

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