Embracing diverse cultures with Spanish II project

Comparing different traditions between different ethnicities


Gurleen Swaich

To gain a better understanding of different cultures, students in Nathan Jayme’s Spanish II classes are making a culture project.

“It’s my goal to embrace cultures and diversity and it allows students to be able to share what they’ve learned in celebrating Hispanic culture in the Latin American community at school,” Jayme said.

Students will be taking a topic in cultures, such as hand gestures, and relating their cultural backgrounds.

“My group decided to represent the games played in Hispanic culture,” sophomore Lizeth Ontiveros said. “We wanted to help them see the fun aspects of Hispanic culture, but we also want to teach them about the games [themselves].”

Students will be presenting their projects on Friday in the ballroom. Rather than a formal presentation, students from other classes will act as the audience during a gallery walk

“Bull-fighting was the first thing that came to my group’s mind because of how intricate it is,” sophomore Ivan Wu said. “I hope to have a broader understanding of bullfighting and how it is viewed in Spanish speaking countries, as well as relate it back to our diverse backgrounds.”

Students will be graded on research and presentation skills.

“Every culture has different gestures that they use to greet someone and my group wanted to bring in Filipino, French [and] Hispanic culture into this,” sophomore Brinn Harms said. “This project is allowing me to incorporate ideas that I learn from Spanish and see how different people change cultures and make them their own.”