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Environmental Club raising money for water bottle refill stations

Built to help conserve plastic waste

To conserve plastic waste and encourage the use of reusable water bottles, Environmental Club is fundraising to install refill stations throughout the campus.

“We’re all guilty of carrying around plastic water bottles,” Geoscience teacher Martha Horner said. “It takes forever to break down [plastic] and when it does, it breaks down into something called micro-plastic. Micro-plastic in time gets into the water cycle and into the stomachs and digestives systems of birds and aquatic wildlife, which causes them to starve to death.”

Environmental Club partnered up with MRC last year to raise money for the water bottle refill stations. So far, two stations have been purchased.

“We are trying to find a plumber at the lowest cost possible to install them on campus so they would be available for student use,” Horner said. “We want to have enough money to make sure we can pay for [all costs].”

The stations will be installed in the C and H building above the water fountains. Even after finding a plumber, Environmental Club will still need money for supplies such as pipes.

“[We need to] determine what the plumber needs so we can get the water bottle refilling stations installed,” Horner said. “That’s been our hold up–finding a plumber to come in and do the job. Hopefully we can get lucky and find that plumber soon.”

In order to raise enough money for the stations, Environmental Club is planning to hold a fundraiser at a local ice skating rink. Tickets will be sold on campus and they hope to raise enough money for a plumber by spring.

“Hopefully [installing these] will encourage more students to use a non-plastic or reusable water bottle,” Horner said. “This way you can easily refill your water bottle and not have to fight with the fountain to try and get your water in.”

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