Fashion Club members launch tailoring program Opening for a month

Holding a pair of pants, senior Andrea Lim makes adjustments to the waistline. The money raised from the tailoring program will go to Fashion Club. Photo Credit: Samantha Wilson

After receiving requests to start a tailoring program, Fashion Club members are allowing faculty and students to pay for their clothes to be fixed.

“I have a basket full of clothes that need to have a button replaced, sleeves shortened or the pant legs are too long,” Fashion Design I and II teacher Nicole Carlson said. “Solving some of these little problems can make someone really happy.”

While professional alterations can be costly, it can go up to $10 through the tailoring program. 

“If a button fell off your blouse, that costs around 50 cents and the price gradually goes up for more complex fabrics,” Carlson said. “Like adding multiple zippers to clothing, some of my students have difficulty with trying to apply those carefully to the clothes.”

When completing the alterations, Fashion Club members will be working mainly after school and Fashion Design seniors will stop by during open period.

“Not having to spend a lot of money to make my clothes nicer is really helpful to me,” senior Karissa Butler said. “Spending my free time helping out has allowed me to work on specific skills. I made my own prom dress with the sewing and hemming skills that I have learned and was really happy with the results.”

As the underclassmen develop their fashion skills more throughout the year, they can eventually partake in the tailoring program as well. Clothes can be dropped off in room E-106 for alterations.

“Mainly it’s just me, Karissa and Ms. Carlson who are currently tailoring the clothing,” senior Mackenzie O’Mara said. “We want to make sure that the customers are really happy with their items that they can start wearing them again.”

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