Gender diversity policy passes school board vote

Revisions include further protections


McKenna Thayer

After more than 10 meetings in the past year, the Clark County School District Board voted to adopt policy 5138 addressing the rights and needs of students with gender diverse identities. As an update to the policy, students with gender diverse identities will be better accommodated for in school activities. 

“It is important to the Board of School Trustees that all students feel safe and respected at school,” Board of School Trustees Vice President Carolyn Edwards said on KTNV. “I am proud of the revisions to this policy, which incorporates concerns expressed by those opposed to and in support of the draft policy.”

The policy was modified based on past issues, such as harassment when using the restroom. 

“Allowing transgender students to use the bathrooms and locker rooms they feel comfortable with can help alleviate dysphoria that some students may experience when they have to use the bathrooms or locker rooms that they don’t identify with,” junior Jake Miller said. “It’s good students are given the opportunity to not worry about getting in trouble with the school.”

The district clarified that it will not teach gender diversity in class, but instead provide equality to honor and respect the needs of all CCSD students.

“I think policies like this are good for students who in the past have felt marginalized because they couldn’t be themselves,” Counselor Brian Lindemuth said. “I think that the district made the right decision and it will be positive for students who now feel like they can fit in.”

To ensure a more comfortable learning environment, CCSD will be taking full responsibility for creating a professional development and training plan with specific requirements and procedures for employees when it comes to the new policy.

“I’m glad this is a new policy because even though it won’t affect me personally, I do know some people it will affect,” junior Stephen Bingham said. “I would just want them to be happy and feel comfortable.”

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