Geometry students collaborate on program projects Applying math to different careers


Jackson Bogan

Learning to apply math to real world situations, students in Maria Terada’s Geometry Honors find how the concepts they’re learning in class can be used in their program area.

“My expectations for my students are to be proficient in learning and applying the concepts in the real world with math,” Terada said. “I am also excited to learn how the concepts students learned in my class apply in their program.”

Before students started the project, they met with students in their program classes and found out how to relate the course to geometry.

“I think the best part of this project is a collaboration with my fellow culinary peers,” sophomore Anthony Battaglia said. “I’ve been starting to see a lot of similarities with geometry and food [preparation].”

Students will present the trifolds they created, with the correlation between their program area to geometry, starting Tuesday Oct. 1. 

“My group’s project has been pretty easy so far,” sophomore Joshua Abreu said. “I just wish we had more time in class to work on it. Right now I feel like we will be able to finish it, but that it won’t be as good as it could’ve been if we would’ve been given another class or two.”

After the project is finished, students will continue to apply geometry to other real world situations, outside of their program areas.

“I hope to learn whether or not the students grasp the concepts taught in class or not and use that information to drive my instruction,” Terada said. “This project shows them how to relate math concepts to the real world.”