Hospitality seniors customize their first project of the year Clients selected by groups


McKenna Thayer

In order to refresh their skills from the last three years, seniors in hospitality are completing a multimedia group project, where they choose between three prompts related to marketing, customer service or entertainment planning skills..

“In the previous years of this class, every group would have the same project and they would just become redundant,” senior Stefanos Bingham said. “This project is actually interesting because everyone is going to have something different and we can customize it to make it funny and creative.”

Students will create their presentation using multimedia elements like radio ads, television ads, websites and posters.

“My group decided to do the entertainment and event planning project because usually a lot of people are more willing to engage in our presentation and be interested in something more fun like an event,” senior Faith Noel said. “Our event is going to be a carnival hosted at the school and it would include a dunk tank that we can put administrators in.”

All groups are able to pitch their own clients and themes for their presentations. The final products will be presented on Sept. 3rd.

“For our project, our client is going to be 2007 Britney Spears and we are going to create an event for her,” Bingham said. “I am in Student Council, so I have experience with creating events which is why we chose this project. We are planning to make different commercials and print marketing to make our project stand out. ”

Projects will be graded on their creativity and originality, as well as content and execution of their project. The presentations will be worth 40 percent of student’s quarter grades. 

“Because this is the first project of the school year, we want to get a good grade to start this school year off on the right foot,” senior Kennedy Nelson said. “I’m not used to doing projects this fast, but this is senior year so you have to expect the unexpected.”

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