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Sidewalks installed over winter break
Joy Ryan
While walking across campus on the new sidewalks, students make their way to class. For several years, students walked along the dirt and stones, causing them to violate an institutional rule. “[The] rule is for everyone to use the sidewalks because they are level and provide better footing when compared to the stones,” Assistant Principal Cameron Roehm. “The rule is there for safety reasons and I would hope students would want to keep their shoes cleaner by not tracking through the stones.”

To create a more effective pathway for students to navigate campus while avoiding stepping into the dirt or having difficulty getting to class, the administration installed new sidewalks during Winter Break.

Action was taken after numerous comments about the struggle to get into the buildings, specifically the C building. The project planning started in August and construction began on Dec. 18. 

“I think the extra sidewalks will help improve safety, and they also decrease congestion,” Assistant Principal Cameron Roehm said. “By the C building, the one walkway was getting really tight during passing periods. Now there are two more routes students can take to get to their next destination.” 

Out of routine, some students are failing to recognize the newly implemented crosswalks. 

“Well I didn’t notice it when I first came into school and when I heard about it I was thrilled,” senior Ahrin Ryu said. “I really do think they care about the students’ efficiency to get to their classes and I appreciate how they are trying to make the school environment nicer in a way.” 

Students are not permitted to walk through the dirt areas on campus, and doing so would result in getting reprimanded by campus monitors. The new pathways reduced the need for students to travel through those areas.

“I was really happy, everyone always walks in those areas anyway and we would get yelled at. It’s just much faster and it’s cool,” junior Maximillan Aller said. “It’s easier to use and it’s faster and a more efficient way of getting around.”

Some students don’t believe that the crosswalks were implemented in the right places.

“One crosswalk that I feel is not as important is the one that connects from the H building to the E and F building area; it feels weird to walk on a curve,” sophomore Renzo Omolon said. “I do like the ones near C building. It’s so chaotic and sometimes I can’t get out of the building until the bell, but with the crosswalks I could actually get to class.”

The general consensus among students is that the new pathways greatly improve the walkability of the school campus.

“I’ll be using the new sidewalks every single day,” sophomore Emiliano Politis said. “I do appreciate the crosswalks cause it makes getting around so much easier and it’s a great addition, there’s less chance of being late and getting locked out on tardy lockdowns.”

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