New E-Sports club created to compete in, out of school Open to all students interested in video games


Ahmed Ahmed

As e-sports’ presence in Las Vegas continues to expand, the E-Sports club has been created to allow students to bond over and compete in different video games.

“[The club] is a good place to foster sportsmanship as well as hand-eye coordination for games,” club adviser Max Brewer said. “It allows you take what you’ve been doing at home and actually benefit the school. We’re not just here playing games and doing nothing, we’re actually going out to compete and show our skills.”

Members of the club will get to compete in statewide competitions for different video games, such as the Silver State Competition

“I want [the club] to be as professional as possible, and I want a lot of attendance at out-of-school tournaments,” club president Brayden Valles said. “It took a lot out of me, so I’m hoping it will be a success.” 

Students who join the club are free to play any video games that they’d like, but the main allure of the club is the ability to compete directly with other members. For example, video games like Super Smash Bros. allow up to four players to choose different characters to fight until only one character survives.

“While multiplayer exists, it’s not the same as being right next to your friend when you destroy them or you take a crushing defeat,” sophomore Jan Roben said. “There’s still the novelty of playing together and I think that’s something that would be a main draw for the club.”

The club intends to add more games to their competitive library, such as Overwatch. The club remains optimistic about their ability to compete and recruit members for the future.

“Hopefully people that are in this club are good enough to win events outside of school, and hopefully after that we keep recruiting strong players,” Brewer said. “We’re going to have a really viable club.”