Pathway projects new focus in Graphic Design III

Photography, Calligraphy, Cooking


Zoie Puaala-Edra

To prepare students for their future careers, seniors in Graphic Design III created passion projects. 

“The passion project [is] basically a project that replaced their homework assignments,” Graphic Design teacher Rosarita Olvina said. “Now that it is second quarter, the students are earning presentation grades for telling us a summary of what their topic is about, problems they encountered and how they solved it.” 

Students were able to choose anything that they were passionate about to present on. Some topics included sharks, fashion and music. 

“I saw a huge improvement with photography because they were dealing with a program called ‘Lightroom’ which usually isn’t covered unless you’re taking a photo class and photos are essential to graphic design,” Olvina said. “I saw a huge improvement in their knowledge and understanding in using a DSLR.” 

There were only 12 weeks allotted for the project. The majority of the project was done outside of school to allow students to spend more time on it at home. 

“I decided to do [a clothing line] because it gave me the chance to do the Senior Capstone that was cut from 2020 Fashion Design students,” Prieto said. “Also, it is very beneficial for my future and relates to what I want to pursue.” 

Seniors start presenting at the beginning of the month, with a new presentation every class period.

“I decided to do film because I’m in video production,” senior Joshua Reyes said. “I wanted to improve my videography skills, but also create different small films that I could use in my portfolio as well as share with my class.”