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Photography students practice slow shutter speed

Eight photos have to demonstrate slow shutter speed

In order to teach students all components of a DSLR camera, Photography teacher Mr. Tom Rizzo assigned students a project to take photos where slow shutter speed is used to show objects moving.

“I want them to know how the controls on the camera work,” Rizzo said. “There are too many kids who have really nice DSLR cameras that have them set on full auto. It’s like having a car and never taking the parking brake off.”

Photos taken with slow shutter speed will be blurry, and photos taken with fast shutter speed will be clear and crisp.

“We’ve done a lot of projects based on how to use camera settings,” junior Taurie McDaniel said. “They all help further down the line. With every new project comes things we need to do that we learned from the last project.”

This activity is part of a small series in which students are learning how to use fast and slow shutter speed. Before Winter Break, students were required to do a project on using fast shutter speed, in which photos had to be clean and clear.

“I think this project will help me in the future in case I ever take photography more seriously then it’ll help me know how to use all the camera controls,” junior Jake Bolado said. “I like taking these pictures with friends. It’s always fun to take pictures with friends, not alone”

Student’s photos have to be unedited and are typically photos of other students and light up balls. 

“You should know what all the settings are on your camera and how to use it,” Photography teacher Rizzo said. “The object of this project is to use slow shutter speed. The picture should be clear and crisp but something in the photo should be moving.”

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