Practice test identifies weaknesses

On Wednesday Oct. 12, SWCTA will be administering the PSATs to all sophomores for free, and to all juniors who are willing to pay a $16 fee.  The staff is encouraging all juniors to retake the test.

According to the College Board, students can become familiar with the kinds of questions and the strict testing environment they will experience while taking the SAT.

“After taking the test last year, I am excited to see what score I will get this year. I think because I took it last year, I will be able to get a higher score,” says Ana Bjelicich, junior.

After taking the test, students will receive feedback identifying their strengths and weaknesses in each area they were assessed.  This way, students can study the appropriate subject(s) prior to the SAT.

“I’m taking the PSAT to have a better chance to do better on the SAT. I’m planning on studying for the SAT,” says Bryce Ebert, junior.

Scores on the PSAT will arrive during summer break.