Respiratory Therapy program conducts CPR certification

cprRespiratory Therapy juniors are now being certified or retrained for a cardiopulmonary resuscitation card. Many juniors in the Respiratory Therapy program were certified for two years, after completing the process their freshman year in health. Mrs. Vicki Smith, Respiratory Therapy and certified CPR instructor, has taken the initiative in teaching CPR and other life saving techniques for re-certification.

“I want my students to be ready to go and also be trained if an emergency comes up with a family member or here at school.  Training with this course will also allow students to complete in the CPR event in HOSA,” says Smith.

Through the use of an instructional program known as the Basic Life Support manual, students will learn about the signs, steps, and different procedures for CPR, as well as the procedure for rescuing a choking victim.

“Students need to have BSL (Basic Life Support for health care workers) when they go out on internships and for post secondary employment in the medical field.  This is the particular course that is needed to work in health care,” replies Smith.

Students will also be educated in the proper ways to handle infants, children, and adults. Diversified equipment such as automated external defibrillators (AEDs), face masks, and infant, child, and adult mannequins will be used. After thoroughly learning about CPR and choking, Smith will test Respiratory Therapy juniors in teams for certification.

“I love doing CPR in class! It’s so hands on, and I learn more when I’m actually doing it rather than taking notes or watching a video. I also love working with the equipment because it’s what real life medical trainers use,” comments Nicole Boucher, junior.