Review Journal highlights HOSA accomplishments

On Sept. 12, a reporter from the Las Vegas Review Journal visited Southwest Career and Technical Academy to interview HOSA Advisor and Respiratory Therapy Program Leader Vicki Smith, as well as select HOSA members, about their experiences as members and chapter officers of HOSA.

“I was definitely excited for HOSA to get the exposure. And I was very proud to represent my club to the entire city, and I hope I did HOSA proud with what I said,” adds chapter President Madelyn Sese.

When students arrived, the reporter began to interview each student individually, asking questions about HOSA, member experiences, special events, and how HOSA has/will impact life after high school.

“It’s a little intimidating of course, but after a few seconds it feels like a normal conversation because if your answers are genuine, then you have nothing to be afraid of,” comments senior Marclem Hernandez.

The reporter’s article for the Review Journal will be published on Oct. 9.