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Rising COVID-19 Cases cause disappointment in Key Club

Students will be attending RTC virtually for the second year
The first Key Club meeting of the school year was a step forward to a hopeful year filled with in-person events. Students are encouraged to get out of their comfort zone and have fun, which is all left out in the virtual setting. “Just being able to have fun and vibe with all the key clubs in the region was enjoyable,” Key Club historian Alyana Arciaga said. “Unfortunately, that part is left out when held virtually, but hopefully we’ll have it in the future.” Photo Credit: Eavan Abao

After a year of distance learning and virtual meetings, Key Club members were hopeful for an in-person Region Training Conference (RTC). However, it will be held virtually once again.


“It’ll definitely be a lot different than it has in the past years, because one of the big things they do is they do cheers and have a spirit competition with all the schools in the district and at the end, they name the school with the most spirit, as far as the Key Club,” Key Club Adviser Mary Breslin said. “So in the virtual setting, they do icebreakers and breakout rooms to try to get kids from different schools together to interact, but it’ll definitely not be as exciting as it is when you’re in person.”


There are various workshops with other members of Key Club to build bonds and learn more about the club itself.


“Key clubbers like myself find RTC a pretty important event as it really kickstarts people’s spirits and helps the rest of the members get out of their comfort zone and simply have fun without any shame,” Key Club historian Alyana Arciaga said. “It also helps members get to learn more about Key Club as well as complete service opportunities through the workshops. In essence, it really is just a great bonding experience between members which is what makes it an important event.”


Although many members, especially seniors, are currently hoping for more in-person opportunities, it is most likely that many in-person events, such as the Fall Rally, will occur virtually as well.


“It’s not really what I expected or desired considering it is my senior year and I was hoping to have one last real RTC in-person, but I’m hopeful for part two of RTC that’ll happen later in the school year,” Arciaga said. “I still look forward to the online workshops and service activities we will do at virtual RTC, but I’ll certainly miss the cheering and in-person aspect of it.”


Even though virtual RTC is not the same as in person, the social activities, like learning about new icebreakers and creating a welcoming atmosphere, will still occur.


Virtual RTC last year was pretty new and different,” Arciaga said. “For the first one, it seemed pretty organized and truly represented what the workshops and service events are like in-person. We mainly got to listen to people all over the division, learn more about Key Club, and complete fun activities, icebreakers, and online service.”


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