Due to scheduling conflicts between the school, DJ and photographer, the Sadie’s Dance has been cancelled.

“Myself, admin, our photographer and our DJ all tried to find a day that would work, but it just doesn’t work with our facilities, so we had to cancel,” Student Council Adviser Miriya Julian said. “That is the last thing Student Council wanted to do because it has now created weeks of work for us to give out refunds. It would’ve been much easier to reschedule things.”

Originally, the dance was planned for Friday Feb. 22 after school. However, due to an unexpected snow day, all events were cancelled.

“I went out and planned out an entire outfit with the person that I was going with,” junior Steven Ho said. “I was excited because it was her last year and I wanted to make it memorable not only for her, but for me since it was the first Sadie’s Dance in a while. I’m really annoyed that the entire event got cancelled.”

For the students who bought tickets, cash refunds will be given out during both lunches until Friday Mar. 15. Students will need to go to the stage and sign for their refund.

“I was actually looking forward to going to Sadie’s Dance with my friends this year, which makes it worse that we had to cancel,” junior Maya Negash said. “My friends and I spent a long time making plans, like where we’re going to take photos, where to go to dinner and our outfits, but it was kind of a waste. It’s a bummer for everyone involved with the Sadie’s Dance.”

Although there were issues with Sadie’s this year, Student Council still plans to have the dance next school year.

“[Student Council members and I] were hearing that this year and last year’s students wanted a more casual dance, so we wanted to do Sadie’s, but obviously it’s cancelled,” Julian said. “Since students still want to have a Sadie’s, the plan is to have a [the dance] next year, unless something goes wrong again.”

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