Senior Portrait deadline approaches

Photo sessions for senior portraits are now being held at the Bernhard & Williams studio. The deadline to schedule your photos is Thursday, September 15th. These photos will be used in this year’s Southwest Howl Yearbook.

Seventy plus students have still not taken their senior portraits. If students fail to meet the deadline, then their junior year picture will be used and they will be separated from the rest of the senior class.

“I think it is important that seniors have their pictures taken because it’s kind of the last thing they take with them from Southwest,” says senior Marclem Lalatag.

Students will have several shots taken of them during their session and they will be able to choose their favorites. One of the photos will be posed in a formal outfit, provided by Bernhard & Williams, and the other in an outfit of the student’s choice. Please be advised that all clothes must be within CCSD dress code. The outfit of choice should represent the student’s individuality.

“I wore my cowboy get-up because I used to be a cowboy the first seven years of my life.” says senior Trevor Dawson.

Students must make an appointment with the Bernhard & Williams studio where the photo sessions will take place. Photos must be taken at the studio. If you have any questions, please call the Bernhard & Williams studio at (702) 251-3040.