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Seniors start internship program

Expectations need to be met for qualification

As part of the conclusion to their program area study, seniors who opted out of their capstone project have started internships to gain a better understanding of what a career is like in the real world.

“I never thought that I would actually do an internship because I wanted to do a project for my capstone,” senior Justine Verstigue said. “[However,] I was one of the two people who got the internship [for Clark County’s IT department], so what’s cool about this is that I get paid.”

Certain guidelines have to be met in order to qualify for internships, such as maintaining at least a 3.5 GPA and not exceeding five unexcused absences. A teacher recommendation is also required to qualify each year.

“We want to make sure that you’re getting A’s and B’s in your program classes because you’re going into the real world,” Community Partnership Coordinator Rebekah Holloway said. “We want to make sure that students are prepared for it.”

Although this opportunity is available to any senior, students in Web Design and Development cannot use their internships as capstones because they only have one period dedicated to the class instead of two. Web students who choose to do internships can use it as an elective credit, rather than their capstone.

“I don’t plan on doing an internship anymore,” senior Cali Javellana said. “I have been working for the place I wanted to have an internship for, but I don’t think [the internship program is] worth it since it can’t count as my capstone. Instead, I’m working with Ms. Holloway to organize Girls in Tech with my partner, which I’m liking so far.”

Internships do count as a grade, based on how many hours a student works, along with documentation from their employer. At the end of the semester, students are required to have a minimum of 120 total hours completed.

“I think some students would benefit more from just an internship rather than their capstone because they’d be stronger in a work field,” Web Design teacher Denise Snow said. “Either way, they still present what they did [at Capstone Night].”

During Capstone Night, internships and projects are presented to demonstrate what seniors have learned throughout the school year. This event is open to students, families and faculty.

“An internship is a great option for our students,” Community Partnership Coordinator Rebekah Holloway said. “Think of it like this–what is the best way to master a foreign language? By studying abroad and immersing yourself in the language and culture. The same is true of an internship. By working in industry, students gain invaluable experience that is hard to create or facilitate in the classroom.”

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