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Student Council makes small changes for the beginning of the semester

To make virtual school more exciting, council members are continuing beloved projects and starting new ones
For 2021, the Student Council is putting more emphasis on making the online environment less bleak by finding different ways to host events for everyone. “Our goals for this semester is to focus on school spirit, teacher appreciation, and student recognition while also coming up with fun virtual alternatives for our usual traditions,” Student Council President Michayla Sumabat said, “Each committee and commission are working on something different for our community and all I can say is that it is going to be great.”Art Credit: Monserrat Mendieta

Kicking off the new year by brainstorming entertaining activities for school spirit, Student Council has many plans in the works to keep students involved and entertained.

“Our holiday spirit week was very popular with the students. On our social media we made a highlight dedicated to spirit week and it is packed with student participation,” Student Council President Michayla Sumabat said. “We were so excited to see everyone and how they were spending their holidays.”

In addition, StuCo has started a podcast series, “Keep Up With The Coyotes,” which focuses on interesting parts of the SWCTA community.

“We basically interview students and teachers almost podcast style. We ask them fun questions, some opinionated ones and some more serious questions,” sophomore Student Council member Econia Mandefero said. “We hope that it can be a way for students and teachers to connect on the same level outside of school, especially right now when everyone is tense and stressed. Even though we have to be under these circumstances, it is one small thing that we can do to get people talking and engaged with the school.”

For the past year, social media has played a vital role in advertising and keeping students informed about various events and activities. The council currently has a main Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, as well as several accounts for each grade level.

“Students and teachers can expect lots of involvement through our social media. We have made many improvements during 2020 and it’s going to get even better in 2021,” Sumabat said. “We are focused on recreating unity and maintaining connectedness on this virtual platform where students may often feel divided by classes.”

Additionally, popular events such as the “Queen of Hearts” and “Coyote Coachella” will be returning.

“For Coachella, it’s going to be run the same way it was last year, utilizing the Instagram platform” Sumabat said. “Students can also expect a King and Queen of Heart event next month. We don’t have a way we are going to do it yet, but it is coming up.”

StuCo is also continuing to take feedback from Coyote Congress meetings that are held each month.

“It’s our way of listening to what the student body wants especially during this virtual time,” Sumabat said. “We get a lot of suggestions like one student wanted a holiday spirit week so we did that. It’s also a way for other people to list complaints and offer solutions. ”

Along with these changes, new board positions will be opening soon and applications for those who wish to join will be released soon. 

“I think that the biggest reason people should join StuCo is because of how focused the class is on social interaction,” sophomore Student Council member Vassily Tan said. “Granted, it’s not for everyone but those who do enjoy it should definitely join. Classes are always filled with student participation. The people there are really nice and I honestly like how accepting of a community StuCo is.” 

StuCo is looking forward to making this year more exciting and students remain optimistic to what this semester will bring.

“I’m pretty excited to see how they’ll be holding events/activities this semester,” junior Mariel Batara said. “I think after the first semester they now have a good grasp on how to hold StuCo events online. I’m excited to see what they come up with.”

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