Wrapping up the third quarter, Coyote Games will take place from Monday, March 4 to Friday, March 8. Teams are now being accepted to participate in the games, with a maximum of 24 teams eligible to compete

“Since we don’t have any sports teams here, [The Coyote Games] give us a chance to release some of the pent-up energy we have at school,” junior Abel Berhe said. “It is also a chance to hang out with friends outside of school without having to find a place that everyone is able to go to.”

Sign-up forms can be found in room D-105 and are due no later than Thursday, Feb. 28. Teams must consist of eight members, including substitutes to replace certain players who are not playing.

“Coyote Games is just a fun thing to do with your friends and [a chance to] maybe even make some new friends if you need an extra player on your team,” senior Braden Sumabat said.

Teacher royalty nominations are also open for 10 cents per submission. The categories are Most Likely to be President, Best Dancer, Best Dressed, Best Comedian, Most Positive and Biggest Daredevil.

“The categories this year for the teacher superlatives are interesting,” junior Maya Negash said. “I think it’ll be really cool to see who wins for Biggest Daredevil because I’ve never thought about any of the teachers being daredevils.”

An assembly will take place at the end of the week-long event, and the top four teams will compete against each other. As two-time winners of the Lip Sync Battle, Drama Club will be showcasing their winning piece, followed by Studio K and Poly.

“I’m really excited to perform again,” junior Kennedy Nelson said. “I’ve missed it a lot ever since I quit cheerleading, but now it feels really good to be performing not only a winning performance but my first ever choreographed routine and be able to showcase it to the whole school.”

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