Seniors showcase work at annual ‘Capstone Night’ Event will take place April 18


Julia Cox

After four years in their program area of study, seniors will be having their annual Capstone Night on Wednesday, April 18 from 6-8 p.m.

“As a teacher, I have gone over with my students everything that they need to know about next Wednesday,” Digital Game Design teacher Terry Lively said. “On Capstone Night I will also be making sure that students have properly set up their station with the things they need, such as their created video game, tutorial video and an advertising board.”

Each student will showcase their capstone presentations in their assigned building, while internship students will present in their program area classrooms.

“Internship students were assigned to create a brochure on things we learned during our internship process,” senior Cameron Hernandez said. “When it comes time for Capstone Night, we will talk to people who walk up to our station about tracheostomy and oral care.”

Each program area will be presenting different material; for example, Culinary will be running a mock restaurant, while Fashion Design will do their annual runway show.

“For our capstone in dental, we were told to find a way to teach the community about dentistry,” senior Anja Jovasevic said. “My group and I decided that we are going to put some of the dental concepts into layman’s terms and present them to younger children.”

After seniors complete their capstones, they still have Grad Nite, Senior Sunset and the Senior Assembly.

“The most difficult thing about preparing for next week is making sure its organized,” senior Gabriel Gonzalez said. “In order for a fake restaurant to work everyone has to be working together and communicating efficiently and sometimes that wasn’t happening so we had fix it fast so we can be successful.”

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