Third annual Winter Semi-Formal preparations underway Dance will be held Feb. 3

As they gather in a group, junior Student Council members Anya Sagovnovic, Karissa Butler, Sierra Jimenez and Cecilia Gonzales discuss the upcoming festivities of Winter Semi-Formal. The theme ‘Fire and Ice’ has been proposed as a request for every dance. “Winter Semi-Formal is kind of the first big event before we get really busy so it’s like our warm up," junior Cecilia Gonzales said. "It’s really fun to plan the actual dance and I love that." Photo Credit: Nathan Willey

In hopes of increasing excitement and ticket sales, Student Council is offering incentives for students who purchase their tickets within the first three days of sales; students will receive a song request form and a ‘Cut-the-line’ ticket, which allows the attendee to go right to the front of the photobooth line.

“The photobooth is free and we’re only taking song suggestions from people who have the slip,” Julian said. “We’re trying to encourage people to buy those first three days so that they get those two items.”

The ‘Fire and Ice’ themed dance will be held on Feb. 3 and will go on sale Wednesday, Jan. 24 for the price of $20. Students can nominate their peers for Winter Semi-Formal court for $1 or a donation of a canned food item beginning Monday, Jan. 22 and voting will begin on Jan. 30. 

“The theme is very personal,” Student Council adviser Miriya Julian said. “It’s one of our Student Council member’s. They’ve been wanting this theme for three years. We’re excited for the theme.”

There will be festivities leading up to the dance including a Winter Spirit Week that will begin Jan. 29. The dress-up days will be accompanied by games to play during both lunches. Spirit week is as follows:

Monday: Crazy Sock Day

Tuesday: Swinter Day (Summer and Winter combined)

Wednesday: Winter Wear

Thursday: Fire and Ice Day (Wear reds, blues, oranges,

Friday: Tutu Day

“We try and pick spirit days that won’t cost any money,” Julian said. “Last year, we were around 285 [ticket sales]. The capacity of the venue is 300, so we’d like to get right there on capacity in terms of the ticket sales.”

The dance will be held at St. Michael’s Event Center from 7-10 p.m. For students who would like to purchase their tickets at the venue, tickets will be available at the door for $30. However, if tickets are sold out, no exceptions will be made. 

“We only have four years of this,” Class of 2019 Treasurer Alex Nguyen said. “After this, you don’t get to dress up. You don’t have a week just to wear these weird, wacky clothes. It’s just something that you don’t get to do after high school. So, it’s either do it now or you’re going to regret not doing it at all.”

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