Web Design students curate QR code school tour

The sophomore, junior, and senior web design students are currently working on a virtual tour of Southwest Career and Technical Academy using Quick Response (QR) codes for their project based learning assignment this year.

“I see QR codes everywhere,” says senior Bret Barton. “I was excited to see what we’re going to do with it.”

The objective of their project is to make a virtual tour of our school available to students and visitors using their mobile devices to scan the QR codes. When the project is over, guests should be able to use their mobile device to scan codes and view videos of all teachers at SWCTA.

“It will be a wonderful use of technology to promote the educational climate of our campus to the community,” says Web Design Program Leader Mrs. Cindi Chang.

Students of this program will have approximately four weeks to finish this project. They will be conducting research, practicing customizing QR codes, and viewing podcasts at home. In class, they will work on the videos and learn more about QR coding.

“I will expect the students to learn that technology is all around us, ever changing and developing, and lots and lots of fun,” says Chang.

This project will be completed in teams within their classes. Each member has a different job, such as manager, graphic artist, content writer, and videographer. Each class also has a separate “Special Ops” team in each period that will create a documentary on the making of a virtual tour of SWCTA.

“The documentary will be archived,” says Chang, “and may be used for future Southwest publicity and technology conferences.”

After the project is completed, visitors will have access to a virtual tour of SWCTA and videos of teachers classes through QR codes. These codes will hopefully be permanently used throughout the school for school years to come.