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Don’t let drama ruin control you

If there’s anything that I’ve taken away from these past four years, it’s that teenage drama is one of the most amusing yet aggravating parts of high school. From predictable breakups to fashion disagreements, teenagers tend to over-exaggerate the reality of arguments and blow problems out of proportion for no good reason.

A number of my peers are too stubborn to overlook trivial things like wearing the same outfit to a school dance or having a crush on the same person. Sure, it may sting one’s ego, but people often make a bigger deal out of these sorts of situations than it has to be, turning mild inconveniences into serious arguments.

As a result, a myriad of teenagers dedicate too much time and effort into issues that don’t deserve attention in the first place. Letting these disputes fester, people will either isolate themselves from one another or lash out in unreasonable ad hominem attacks. I know it’s fun to be dramatic every now and then, but there are too many people who get out of hand.

Consumed by the drama, teenagers will let conflicts dictate too much of their daily lives despite having more important matters to worry about. What about grades, college applications, scholarships and other responsibilities to keep in mind? I know some people who have prioritized high school issues over school work, and now they’re dangerously close to not graduating.

Of course, it’s not always that severe. For example, I’ve had my own fair share of exaggerated problems, causing my mood to dampen. There were days where I wouldn’t want to go to school, hoping to avoid certain people or conversations, but I’ve gotten in the habit of giving myself reality checks.

Stepping back from the situation, I evaluate the issue in terms of how small and insignificant these four years of high school actually are. A disagreement with a classmate probably won’t dramatically affect my life in a few years. There’s no point in wasting energy on problems that aren’t worth fighting for.

I understand that some problems may not be trivial by any means. There are valid times to be upset or offended by certain situations. However, you shouldn’t inflate the significance of unnecessary conflicts. While it may be a nice distraction from all the stress of schoolwork, getting consumed by drama will only come back to haunt you.

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