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LIFEHACKS: Cleaning edition

LIFEHACKS: Cleaning edition

May 18, 2021
Eliminate anxiety about a messy home with these cleaning hacks.
Checking for more business opportunities, sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh shares his enthusiasm and passion towards the world of business. He showcases his business skills through the sales of computer part lists and wants people to realize how interesting PC building really is. “Computers are so built into our lives that it surrounds us everyday,” Rostamzadeh said “I like building them, so why not make a business out of it?” Photo Credit: Amir Rostamzadeh

PC list maker: Meet Amir Rostamzadeh

May 3, 2021
Having a passion for building PC’s since he was younger, Amir Rostamzadeh has been selling computer parts lists to capitalize on his skills.
SPARK: Five delicious Vietnamese foods to try making

SPARK: Five delicious Vietnamese foods to try making

April 19, 2021
Discover and try new Vietnamese dishes besides pho.


March 30, 2021
Three tips and tricks to help home cooks achieve the tastiest steak.
SPARK: Five tips to keep up your personal hygiene

SPARK: Five tips to keep up your personal hygiene

March 24, 2021
Keep these tips in mind to be more hygienic.
Preparing to record an audio file, sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh is contemplating the emotion he wants to add.The recordings were due on Monday, Mar. 1st. “It’s an interesting and engaging way to read,” sophomore Amir Rostamzadeh said. “It keeps my attention, unlike traditionally reading with the class.” Photo Credit: Amir Rostamzadeh

English 10 students begin reading ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’

March 18, 2021
Students are putting together an audiobook to better comprehend “The Diary of Anne Frank.”
PODCAST: Music as a hobby

PODCAST: Music as a hobby

March 4, 2021
The need to find a good hobby to take your mind off the daily stress of life can be challenging, but learning to create music can fulfill that need.
Preparing for the presentation, students in Spanish II are using different sentence structures to explain their daily routine. The projects will be presented on Friday, Feb. 19. “The sentence structures you see in English don’t necessarily exist in Spanish,” Thomann said. “By learning the correct sentence structures through this project, [my students] will be able to communicate more effectively and with greater confidence.” Photo Credit: Vianne Zhu

Spanish II students begin new unit on daily routines vocabulary

February 19, 2021
Students in Ana Thoman’s Spanish II class will be presenting their daily routine to the class on Friday.
SPARK: Five spectacular Valentines Day date ideas

SPARK: Five spectacular Valentine’s Day date ideas

February 12, 2021
Planning a date can be stressful, especially during the pandemic. However, with these five date ideas, it doesn't have to be.
PODCAST: Balance between both school, work

PODCAST: Balance between both school, work

February 9, 2021
In this podcast, we discuss the difficulties of having a job while going to school at the same time, time management and stress.
Photo Credit: Gene Jeter

INFOGRAPHIC: Fitness myths

February 2, 2021
Find the reasons why these popular myths are untrue.


January 26, 2021
Learn how to make party planning less stressful with these life hacks.
PODCAST: Practicing martial arts

PODCAST: Practicing martial arts

January 21, 2021
We discuss the benefits of practicing a martial art, the differences between forms, and the effects of training.
PODCAST: Against standardized testing

PODCAST: Against standardized testing

December 8, 2020
Students discuss the issues with unreliable standardized testing in the school system.
SPARK: Five delicious meals to try this turkey season

SPARK: Five delicious meals to try this turkey season

November 24, 2020
In observance of Thanksgiving, here are some foods that should be tried at the dinner table.
After researching the traditions of Latin America, student Jusper Julius B. Aligaen submits a digital ofrenda. Through this project, students are developing a better understanding of the traditional holidays celebrated by Spanish-speaking countries. “The Day of the Dead is very important to me,” Aligaen said. “It is the time for me to remember those who made me who I am now, especially my uncle who passed away. I want to keep his memory alive.” Photo Credit: Ana Cristina Thomann

Students create ‘Dia De Los Muertos’ ofrendas to honor the dead

November 18, 2020
Spanish IIH students make traditional ofrendas focusing on honoring and remembering their loved ones.
PODCAST: The ethics, benefits of hunting

PODCAST: The ethics, benefits of hunting

November 6, 2020
Hunting may seem unethical, but there are reasons for it to exist.
SPARK: Five haunting movies to watch this spooky season

SPARK: Five haunting movies to watch this spooky season

October 29, 2020
Watching horror movies is a beloved activity during the Halloween season. Here are five scary movies that deserve to be watched.
As she listens attentively, sophomore Wendy Ramirez prepares to learn the skills of coronal polishing to be able to utilize them in later practice. This unit will help push students further into their careers as dental practitioners. “I’m ready to dive straight into the unit,” sophomore Wendy Ramirez said. “ It’s interesting and I’m going to absorb as much information as I can about coronal polishing.”  Photo Credit: Wendy Ramirez

Dental students begin new unit on coronal polishing

October 15, 2020
The unit focuses on the cleaning and removal of bacteria from the surfaces of the teeth through lessons of theory and at-home practice.
INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. teens experience higher rates of cyberbullying

INFOGRAPHIC: U.S. teens experience higher rates of cyberbullying

October 14, 2020
Teens who spend time online could experience cyberbullying.
In the midst of making his presentation, sophomore Louis Fernandez types jubilantly to fill his screen with powerful words that display his feelings toward “The Odyssey” with his group. Through this project, students are supposed to gain a better understanding of ancient text compared to modern text.. “I never liked Greek mythology, but this story has been interesting,” sophomore Louis Fernandez said. “It’s very engaging and I always wonder what will happen next.” Photo Credit: Louis Fernandez

Sophomores begin presentations on ‘The Odyssey’

October 5, 2020
Sophomores make presentations focusing on individual aspects of “The Odyssey” and the effects of the journey on Odysseus, while also testing their understanding of the poem.
Students enrolled in the Dental Assisting program are utilizing their learned skills at home by brushing their own teeth. This not only helps them practice, but also ensures that they are hygienic. “The Dental Assisting program has helped me learn more about dentistry and gets me closer to my dreams. Even the little things like brushing my teeth gives me practice,” Wendy Ramirez, a sophomore, said. Photo Credit: Wendy Ramirez

Dental students start preventative dentistry unit

September 14, 2020
The unit focuses on the education and prevention of disease by performing intensive research and theoretical practice.
In the midst of practice, sophomore Louis Santiago Fernandez poses with the classical guitar he uses to play sweet and sombre melodies. He enjoys playing music from the older generations. “I just feel more connected to the [older] music,” Fernandez said. Photo Credit: Louis Santiago Fernandez

Don’t Stop the Music: Meet Louis Fernandez

September 9, 2020
Aspiring musician, Louis Santiago Fernandez is perfecting his musical craft through consistent practice.