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Within seconds, people are now able quickly ask artificial intelligence questions relating to any topic of their choice with responses being generated with a click of a button. The chat bot has been thoroughly studied and fine-tuned with learning techniques and language models since its release. “I think the AI is very impressive, but I know it could be a dangerous tool,” junior Gian Carlo Raneses said, “It just depends on who is using it and why they are using it.”

ChatGPT blocked by GoGuardian on all CCSD monitored devices

Jianna Aganon, Staff Writer
January 31, 2023
New programs already being created for teachers to verify if assignments have been completed by AI


Tishie Nyitray
December 15, 2022

Legally, people may be considered an “adult” on their eighteenth birthday, however, it takes more than that to actually be one. At any age, people can act like children, and at any age, people can...

Was Growing up a Choice?

Ashley Harris
December 15, 2022

Editorial Warning: Mature Content Many times people are forced to “grow up,” embracing a mature and distinct perspective on their experiences. It may stem from a singular traumatic experience, or...

Independence- learned or experienced?

Ayma Malik and Kathryn Peterson
December 15, 2022

Cooking, doing your own laundry, and handling finances – all basic life skills necessary for living on your own. As these skills are not commonly taught in class students must learn at home by themselves....

Maturity Knows no Age

Hannah Paine and Lily Gurdison
December 15, 2022

High school is a turning point for young adults when it comes to maturity. Spending four years learning how to become an “adult” results in varying levels of sophistication. While some embrace the...

I dont think that should not be allowed, freshman Vanessa Hann said. I do not think he should be promoting such hateful speech and it should definitely be more controlled.

Q&A: Do you support Elon Musk as Twitter CEO?

Hannah Paine, Social Media Editor
November 4, 2022
Students share their opinions on the Elon Musk becoming the CEO of Twitter

Photo Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko

Finding success in new business ventures

Ava Julian, Staff Writer
October 21, 2022
Students are starting even younger to launch their own companies.
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Best Crystal Shop

October 11, 2022

People’s Pick: Sticks and Stones A welcoming shop in Town Square with plenty more than crystals, their selection and pricing make it an easy stop for your spiritual needs. Editors Pick: The Honeypot With...

Photo Credit: Unsplash (Kenny Eliason)

Best Hiking Trail

October 11, 2022

People’s Pick: Mt. Charleston At an elevation of over 10,000 feet, Mt. Charleston is the perfect place to beat the Vegas heat and see some greenery. Editors Pick: Mt. Charleston We agree with...

Photo Credit: Unsplash (Anthony Fomin)

Best Tourist Attraction

October 11, 2022

People’s Pick: Adventure Dome An amusement park at the end of The Strip, Adventure Dome is host to Las Vegas’s biggest thrillers, perfect for a weekend with friends or family. Editors Pick: Adventure...

Photo Credit: Unsplash (Lama Roscu)

Best Dessert Shop

October 11, 2022

People’s Pick: Baskin Robins Baskin Robins is the classic ice cream shop, equipped with its signature 31 ice cream flavors and a sweet taste to match. Editors Pick: Baskin Robins We agree with...

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Best Breakfast Place

October 11, 2022

People’s Pick: IHOP IHOP is an extremely popular chain and it is easy to find one everywhere you go, specializing in simple and extravagant breakfast foods. Editors Pick: Egg Works Egg Works,...