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BSU, STUCO set to host rescheduled Winter Fest

All students welcome to participate in themed activities
Adrienne Vera-Perez
Helping create decorations for the Meteorology Association’s Winter Fest booth, junior Brian Price prepares popsicle sticks to add to his club’s banner. Over the last couple of months, BSU has been in close contact with club leaders to help organize their activities for the event. “I’m really excited for Winter Fest, it’s gonna be super awesome with all the fun activities that are going to be going on,” Price said. “It’s gonna be really cool getting to talk with all the other student-run clubs that are gonna be at the event, and I want to hear how other clubs are going to be growing.”

After a few setbacks in the previous semester, BSU and STUCO will host Winter Fest tomorrow, where they will welcome students to the new year with games, movies, and food.

In December, the event was postponed due to a lack of chaperones, but there are now enough volunteers. Due to the fact that the holiday season has passed, the theme of Winter Fest has shifted to the season of winter itself.

“Even though Winter Fest got postponed, [BSU and STUCO] are still able to pull the event off in the first week back from Winter Break,” BSU treasurer Rediate Hunde said. “We have all the preparations from December, so we’re ready to go.”

The main attraction of the event will be the various booths stationed throughout the cafeteria for students to participate in, such as cup pong, a cake walk, and slime making. These stations will be run by clubs. The movie, “The Polar Express” will also be running in the gym.

“The club participation is really good, I think that it’ll make the event seem more lively, and having many different groups host something gives people a lot of things to do,” Dance Committee  Co-Chair Ava Kanman said. “Pretty much every club wants to attract new members, so this is also a pretty good opportunity for them to kind of get some more awareness in the school community as a whole.”

Although Winter Fest is free to attend, people are encouraged to bring cash with them as food and beverages will be sold, and some clubs are charging for participation in their respective activities.

“I’ve currently been helping my class with the food that we’re going to be selling during Winter Fest,” STUCO member Zoe Nunez said. “Winter Fest is gonna pretty much be STUCO’s, or at least the class of ‘26’s, first winter fundraiser. This is kinda what’s gonna help start us off for the rest of the season, and help us lead off into other winter fundraisers.”

All students are welcome to attend Winter Fest. Attendees are able to show up to the event in pajamas, and they’re able to bring blankets and pillows along with them.

“I’m gonna be alternating between volunteering at Winter Fest and going around and playing all the games and stuff that are gonna be there,” sophomore Chinelo Umeh said. “I’ve always planned on going ever since it was announced because it seemed like something fun to do with my friends.”

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  • M

    Mason RasberryJan 5, 2024 at

    This article is so lit! I stan Adrienne Vera-Perez! She is the G.O.A.T! Make sure to read more of her articles!

  • A

    AnonJan 5, 2024 at

    This event is going to be a showout! I’m so excited for all the food and festivities that will be present. It’s also free so that’s just another reason to attend! I am THRILLED to attend this event after school today!

  • T

    Taliyah NjugunaJan 4, 2024 at

    This event sounds absolutely gobsmacking! I am so excited for all of the entertainment and food that will be there. This is gonna be the best celebration of the YEAR!!!