Although safer, living a life without excitement can have a strong effect on me.  Photo Credit: Jacob Berroya

Although much safer, living a dull life can have a strong effect on anyone.
Photo Credit: Jacob Berroya

“I want to live a life of danger and excitement after high school.”

“I want to be an engineer once I graduate high school.”

“I just want to live a simple life, with a nice house and an amazing family.”

Believe it or not, I have said these three quotes so many times in my life that I have lost count already. Whether it was only for a brief moment or for a long period of time, I have jumped between these ideas. Although I switch so many times, I do have my reasons.

Let’s focus on my first quote. My dream is to become a Navy SEAL. Well, that is not necessarily true. To be honest, I just want to test my body. My reactions, my endurance, and my ability to survive is what I want to push to the limit. A life filled with danger and a constant chance of death is an aspect that I have always been willing to do, and with the help of the military, I would be able to achieve this.

However, there are numerous consequences with this dream. For example, life after being a SEAL is not exactly ideal. Although I would be trained to survive in any type of environment, it is not like I can go into an office and become an engineer right off the bat. And sure, there are jobs that would be suited for a SEAL, like becoming part of the CIA or FBI, but having a family that is constantly worried about your safety is not the best idea if you ask me.

With this, I have quickly come to a conclusion that I cannot have it all. There is no chance of me living a dangerous life , being an engineer, all while also having a caring family. Well, there is a chance, but every aspect of it will be difficult for not only me, but my entire family.

[vision_pullquote style=”3″ align=”center”] Although it is true that I will have a good paying job and a much easier time achieving my goal, I will not truly be happy. [/vision_pullquote]

Now, my second and third quote. They both kind of go hand in hand with each other. It is true, I love engineering. I have been in two engineering programs in my high school life, one being Engineering and Design and the other being Entertainment Engineering and I have loved them both.

The benefits of becoming an engineer is vast. Ranging from having a high paying career to even having a less stressful job might seem a little crazy for me not to be 100% dedicated to it. However, there are also some consequences with this.

Although it is true that I will have a good paying job and a much easier time achieving my goal, I will not truly be happy. To be honest, I only ever wanted to be an engineer so that my future children could become anything they want to be without having to worry about money and have a much better childhood than I did.

Even though this sounds great, there is no excitement in becoming an engineer. Yes, programming, fabricating, and all of the above is something that I enjoy, however, sitting behind a desk working on a computer sounds like it will become boring fast. And, the fact that I will always know that I gave up my dream of living an exciting life will haunt me for the rest of my life.

So, I will do something a little different. I want to ask you, the readers of this article, to help me with my decision. Although you do not have to answer me, any comment will help.