For the second day of Coyote Olympics, 24 teams competed in volleyball and kickball.

After his teammate passes him a spoon and egg, senior Robert Garduque proceeds to the opposite end of the course. Photo Credit: Grinesa Bajrami
Going against other students, junior Teddy Graham focuses on balancing an egg on a plastic spoon to win first place. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
Getting ready for today's lunch games, World History teacher Vincent Thur places an egg on a plastic spoon. Photo Credit: Cosette Zielinski
Standing on his team's side of the net, junior Samuel Phan Le waits for his teammate to start the next round of volleyball. Photo Credit: Kyle Bayudan
In between rounds of volleyball, teachers Christina Bousema, Nicole Carlson and Vincent Thur share a laugh. Photo Credit: Cosette Zielinski

Do you prefer playing volleyball or kickball?