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Graphic Design II students create products for a real client

Students are designing public service announcements for ‘Make The Call’
Students had to create and mock-up two creations for the “Make the Call” project. Mock-up designs are a crucial part of the design process so a client can see the design in a real context. “Mocking up adds to the design because we can see our designs in a real place,” junior Regan Thomas said. “It adds a reality to our designs and helps us see what we can create.” Art Credit: Juliana Borruso

Helping to fight against teenage alcohol disease, the organization “Make the Call” commissioned Graphic Design II students to each create designs for a hypothetical campaign. 

“I think this project was really cool because it wasn’t just for a grade from Mr. Ball,” junior Regan Thomas said. “It was for a real client and our designs could actually be presented to people on a bigger scale. It’s an assignment that actually means something and we can put in our portfolios.”

“Make the Call” is an organization educating teens on Brady’s Bill, or Senate Bill 464, a medical amnesty law providing underage minors the legal immunity to call 911 for help when someone has over-consumed alcohol. Freshman Studies teacher Kimberly Caipa and Principal Donna  Levy approached Graphic Design teacher Jeffrey Ball in order to create public service announcements for the organization.

“Obviously the ‘Make the Call’ and Brady’s Bill and all of those elements deal directly with minors because that’s what it’s aimed for,” Ball said. “So students are in fact the audience and the people we’re trying to reach. It’s most relevant because we’re having students create this information and these resources for their peers.”

Students had to create two assets, such as creating Instagram stories, videos, t-shirts and flyers. Once they developed a design, they also had to mock it up, meaning students will show their design in a real location. 

“Now we live in this digital world where everyone sees stuff online, and it’s very different to see it in person, so it’s best to show [clients] in context where their stuff will be found,” Ball said. “For example, maybe you’re thinking about getting a car or something. You can look at all the pictures of the car online, but it’s another thing when you actually go and get to walk around or sit in a vehicle and get to experience it. This mockup procedure is just kind of the middle ground between the digital realm and where it’ll actually be found in the real world.”

Assets were due on Wednesday and students will be submitting videos of their presentations on March 2, with an objective to describe their work to the client. Students who do well may be chosen to present live to a group of students or Caipa. 

“I was just glad to be able to participate in this project,” junior Lia Leong said. “We don’t get to do things that actually affect our lives outside of school a lot, and so this was a fun opportunity. Plus, ‘Make the Call’ is an organization that can help educate our peers and make sure that they stay safe as well.”

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