Student Council is Preparing for ‘Sweethearts Sadies’ Dance A new, smaller dance for students is underway


Organizing the decorations for the Sadies dance, co-head for Dance Commission Rachel Gehlen prepares the festivities lined up for the week of the dance. “I think the Student Council is a mixture of stressed and excited,” Gehlen said. “The week of valentines is full of activities, we have the King and Queen of hearts announced, warm fuzzies, random acts of kindness, and Sadie’s contests so everyone has been working hard. Everyone splits up and helps work on a different task to help reach our end goal.” Photo Credit: Ashley Harris

Ashley Harris

Rather than organizing just homecoming and prom, Student Council is preparing to host the first Sadie Hawkins Dance since 2015 just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

“Sadies is a less formal dance,” StuCo advisor Christina Bousema said. “It’s an extra dance we wanted to plan since we normally have just homecoming and prom, and we’ve gotten requests for a third dance for a long time.” 

Traditionally, female students have asked males to the dance, and attend in matching outfits. For this dance, anyone of any gender can be asked to the dance, but StuCo is still hoping for attendees to try and match. 

“I’m most excited for the end result,” Co-head for Dance Commission Rachel Gehlen said. “Planning a dance can be stressful since there are a lot of things that have to be lined up for things to run smoothly. It’ll be nice to see everything in action and to see students enjoying themselves.”

Unlike homecoming, there will be just one dance, with a limit of 400 attendees. However, COVID-19 protocols will still need to be followed, complicating plans for a larger event.

“We’re taking feedback that we got from homecoming and applying it to this dance so everything runs smoothly,” Gehlen said. “We gathered that the DJ from the first [homecoming] dance was preferred so we decided to rebook him. We also saw what ran smoothly, and what could’ve improved. Last time, the photobooth line got in the way of the dancing area, so we’ll keep it away from there for Sadies. We’re just trying to make it fun overall so that people are happy.”

Being a smaller and more intimate event, students are not expected to attend in formal attire. 

“With Sadies, it’s still a dance, but I think of it more as a social event for you to hang out at,” Bousema said. “Obviously, you still have to follow the dress code, but you don’t have to dress up in formal gowns or suits. It’s totally fine for people to show up in a shirt, jeans and regular shoes.” 

Decorations, a photobooth, DJ, and an ice cream truck are planned to help make the night memorable. Tickets will be sold from Monday to Wednesday for $10, with an increase in price to $15 the day before. To give all students a chance to attend, there will be a set amount of tickets available at each lunch.

“I’m excited for this dance since it’s an extra dance aside from homecoming and prom,” junior Aliah Yap said. “Plus, it’s always fun hanging out with my friends and making new memories with them, especially since our senior year is next year. Also, last year there was never a chance to experience dances, and it’s really exciting that we’re getting an extra one to make up for the last memories that we never got together.”