An Hour In … Robotics Robotics I students finalize robots

Dismantling the robot, students in STEM Robotics 1 students attempt to fix the gear ratios. The class formed their own groups of three to four members. "Right now, we are making the extendable claw from the VEX kit for the robot," sophomore Diego Almaguer said. "The instruction manual and Mr. Davies have helped guide us."
Freshman Jody Punzalan attaches the finishing parts to the robot. Groups who finished assembling their robots early tested the bots out on a mock track. "We're building robots to see how good our skills on coding are this far into the year," Punzalan said. "There's an automated system which you have to code for it to do what you want it to."
Testing out the code for the robot, freshman Tianyamarie Evans helps her group by assembling parts from the robotic kit. Groups learned how to code prior to the assignment. "Today is our last day to finish our robot for the VEX competition," Evans said. "The battery wires weren't long enough so we have to fix that by the end of class today."
Freshman Robert Fillion is testing out their code before the upcoming competition. Unlike most groups, this team didn't need to spend an extra day pondering on the design. "Building the robot was harder than programming because the gear ratios weren't right," Fillion said.
The last step for this group is to hide the extra wires. Robotics students were given one box per group, which contained all of the robot's parts. "We're done building the robot but our wires from the motors are all over the place," freshman Jason Lambio said. "I'm pretty sure the two sophomores are going to win because they've done this before."

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