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A look into third quarter

With uncertainty revolving around whether or not schools will transition to in-person learning, students work their way through the third quarter
Hoping to finish the year off strong, students are preparing for final exams and teachers are wrapping up course content work. “After all the hard work everyone put in this year, I think everyone is excited for summer,” sophomore Luke Gil said. “So many things were different and we are looking towards a break.”

At the beginning of virtual schooling, students along with teachers were having a difficult time adjusting to the new environment, but after finishing first semester – the storm has finally settled. 

Now almost halfway through the school year, students have grown accustomed to their virtual classes and are looking at a possible reintroduction to in-person learning. 

“Online classes were not my thing, especially in the beginning of the year because I really wanted to go back, but over time it got easier,” junior Isabell Min said. “I really enjoy my virtual classes, although some of them are harder than others and going back to school seems a bit difficult considering we now start class at eight in the morning and end by 12:35. It’s going to take time to adjust to the idea of in-person learning and it still feels pretty unsafe for so many students to be in a class together.” 

Many seniors are overwhelmed with the idea of returning to school, but are also prepared to move on and enter college.  

“My senior year is definitely not what I expected, but it has been okay,” senior Irene Gourley said. “With this being my final semester in high school, I’m looking forward to finishing out the year strong and hopefully having the opportunity to be together as a class at least one more time. If given the option, I would definitely want to go back to in-person learning. I really do miss being in the classroom and I would love to be able to spend some time with my friends in person before we all go off to college and start a new chapter of our lives.

While seniors are looking forward to their last semester, juniors are taking time to study and prepare for the ACT on Feb. 23, which will take place in person.

“I am slightly worried about taking the ACT because I was never good at pacing myself, which is an important skill to have with these kinds of standardized tests,” junior Yennalie Velasquez said. “With online school ending at a much earlier time than normal school would, it gives me more time to practice without getting overwhelmed.”

Although this was not the ideal situation for the beginning of their high school career, freshmen have pulled through and have tried their best to reach out and socialize.  

“Since I came from a charter school, I knew absolutely no one here. That being said, I am glad to say that I’ve been able to make some great friends, and for the last semester, I’m simply hoping to keep my ‘A’ streak,” freshman Danika Marie Molina said. “I think it’s going to be like being a freshman all over again when we go back to in-person learning because I need to learn where everything is.”

Having an abrupt ending to their freshman year, sophomores have been able to somewhat relax and enjoy the new semester. 

“I wasn’t really for online learning at the beginning. I thought it would waste a lot of time and I wouldn’t learn much,” sophomore Gavin Ariota said. “However, I realized that it was the opposite. I was saving tons of time while learning a lot as well. Going back doesn’t really bother me. In fact, I’m excited to see all of my friends again and it would make learning more fun.”

Many students also have younger siblings that are returning back to schools on March 1st,  making some feel a little bit jealous and others scared.  

“I’m not really for CCSD allowing younger students to go back, since the number of people contracting COVID-19 has been rapidly increasing,” sophomore Van Anh Nguyen said. “But, I am glad my younger brother will have the chance to interact with his teachers and other peers since he is not an auditory learner.” 

As for going back to in-person learning, there is no set timeline yet, but for now CCSD is focused on vaccinating teachers. 

“Schooling online has been a huge struggle in terms of motivation as I just don’t feel like doing work when I’m constantly at home,” senior Kyle Delapaz said. “I’m willing to go back to in-person learning because I feel that would help me become more motivated again. If we do go back to school, I’m looking forward to being able to go outside again and see teachers and friends.”

Should students return to in-person learning?

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