AP Statistics begins final project of the year

Substitute assignment for semester exam

AP Statistics begins final project of the year

McKenna Thayer

As an alternative to taking the AP Statistics exam, students who decided to opt-out of the test are getting started on a month long project.

“For this project, students have to conduct a study and then create a hypothesis,” AP Statistics teacher Bryce Wada said. “Students have to run their tests and then see if their data meets their hypothesis.”

Instead of focusing on one skill, this project will combine everything the students have learned throughout the year such as distribution and correlation. 

“For our project, we are doing it on what brand of chicken nuggets people like better and then we are going to relate it to AP statistics,” senior Rouge Garcia said. “I think this will benefit me more than the exam because I don’t think I would do well on the test.”

Due to minor confusion with students last year, Wada decided to change the requirements to make the project easier to understand.

“Last year I gave more general instructions and there were some minor things I noticed students did that could’ve been done better,” Wada said. “This year I gave more explicit instructions that adjusted those issues so everything runs smoother.”

Students are also being given the option to present their information in any format including a slideshow or poster board. This allows the students to have creativity and understand their content better. 

“I don’t really care how [students] present the data, but I want the data in front of me while they present it so I can review it,” Wada said. “I looked at other projects but I chose this specific one because it was more inclusive and it combines all the skills we’ve gone over to make it a successful final project.”

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