Care packages made for children in need

Created by Freshman Studies classes


Julia Jauregui

After studying speech skills and performing the different types of speeches, the Freshman Studies students are finishing up the semester by creating care packages for those in need. Each package is themed and filled with essential products.

“I hope that students can achieve a greater sense of community involvement and humility for our homeless youth in Las Vegas,” Freshman Studies and Com 101 teacher Henry Castillo said. “Understanding the concept of what ‘home’ means and drafting a beautiful package around that concept is important.”

Contrary to previous years, the annual care package project has two teachers, Castillo and Psychology and Freshman Studies teacher Miriya Julian working on the assignment at the same time, whereas in the past, it was one teacher. The packages will continue going to the same organization.

“My group and I made a Totoro themed care package because it is really popular with kids,” freshman Rhamil Taguba said. “It took hours, but luckily, my team is full of artists, so we painted the box with all the characters, scenes and backgrounds. Some things we included were school supplies, hygiene kits and a Totoro plushie.”

The Care Packages will be delivered to Child Haven on Friday, Dec. 6.

“One of my favorite [care packages] was ‘Incredible’s’ themed,” Castillo said. “These students created one big box and within each one, they contained characters of the Incredible’s family [such as] Jack-Jack in which they had baby themed items.”

After the students finish their care packages, they will begin their final exam speeches.

“The [project] gives students a perspective into the lives of fellow CCSD students who aren’t as fortunate,” Julian said. “Students might not be aware that there are homeless students at every single school in the valley, and it just gives them a [realization] of how we can help those kids without receiving anything in return.”